My passion in this life is supporting women and families. Since 2009, I have been doing this in various roles. Although I have a degree in psychology, I worked for a long time as a social worker in a Pediatric Outreach program helping children experiencing difficulty in the classroom. In that role, I received invaluable experience learning the delicate art of providing non-judgemental support, and navigating our rather complex health care system. I also learned how to work collaboratively with other professionals including physicians, social workers, psychologists, teachers and the families I supported. When it became clear to me that responding to challenges wasn’t as an effective approach as preventing them in the first place, I got curious about what made an effective, empowered family. Based on my own personal experience, as well as what I observed working with many families, I believe effective, empowered parenting begins with trust in ourselves. I also believe this trust begins at the moment of conception. That trust requires a deep reverence for this ability we have as women to grow, nourish, and birth our babies. It is not something that comes easy to many of us; it is a process, and it is a process that can be greatly enhanced with the right kind of support. My hope is that one day, I will contribute to helping EVERY woman, regardless of barriers, access the support she needs to understand and access her power.

As a professional doula, I have attended hundreds of births, and have been teaching yoga on a full time basis since 2010. It is my livelihood, and how I support my two children as a single mother. My students, the women, and families I support through birth are my greatest teachers. It is experience that has made me a doula. I work in a powerful team of three, as a collective; Kirsten Wallace of Swellmama and Kerri MacLean of Sweet Pea YYC. Together we have supported well over 1000 families, and we help each other to learn and grow in our role, which is intimate, and so important. We understand how important it is, and we are not only committed to supporting you through your birth journey, but we continually train, and expand our offerings in response to what it is that you need. I am now certified through CAPPA as a childbirth educator and have also completed the Spinning Babies workshop.  It is your most important day and it is my privilege to be there.




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