Support the Calgary Milk Bank, and have fabulous stocking stuffers!

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The lovely Amy Bidrman, a mentor and dear friend has taken on the most fantastic project in the hopes of raising funds for the Calgary Mother’s Milk Bank. She had a vision, and she has manifested this vision, and the result is spectacular;

Mama's milk 1 Mama's milk 2

The calendar she has created features breastfeeding mamas doing yoga (yes, that is me and Ivy on the right), and bonding with their babies. But this is not just about breastfeeding, and it is not just about yoga. It is a celebration of all mothers and the incredible transformation that occurs the moment that little seedling plants itself in our wombs. Amy, a central figure in the prenatal and postpartum community has always celebrated mothers, and this project is the culmination of her dedication to honoring women. The photos are beautiful, professionally done, and the calendar is large enough to hold the many appointments we have as busy working parents. So go out and buy yourself one. Or many. Buy some for all your relatives! Amy paid for this project ENTIRELY ON HER OWN!!!! You will be supporting a woman who has dedicated her career to helping women feel safe, supported and loved on their motherhood journey. And you will also be supporting a fantastic cause, as we know that there is no higher form of nourishment for our sick and early babies than mother’s milk. Plus, it might just help a couple postpartum mama’s to celebrate themselves, stretch marks, soft bellies and all, and realize that beauty radiates from the inside out. (I’m a model now, ha!)

You can purchase the calendars in many of the yoga studios around the city, or below, on Amy’s FB page. The cost is $20.

Swelli Community

Love and light,