Finding space in the contraction…

As a birth worker, I tend to see birth as analogy for life. This helps me not only to guide my mamas in their journey, being able to give them something to relate the process to, but also to get through the challenges in my life. I tell my mamas all the time, the key to this process is to relax, and to find space in the contraction. And when that doesn’t work? Well, we must focus on the expansions. Because for every contraction, there is an equal and opposite expansion.

I’ve said it a million times, and I believed it. But what about when the contraction is so great that you are left curled up in a little ball on the floor, a sobbing, weeping mess….

It’s the type of contraction that starts in your back, and stays there, like hot knives stabbing, unrelenting.

What then?

A good doula will tell you that you need a change of scenery, a change of position, a breath of fresh air, and perhaps a spoonful of honey. She will tell you you are safe, you are  beautiful, you are loved, and that you are doing this perfectly.

and then, she will make you run up several flights of stairs.

and do lunges.

and maybe some squats.

In that moment, you will resist. You will think that she is ludicrous. You will feel that you don’t have the strength, that you are too tired. You might just want to curl back into fetal position and pretend it isn’t happening.You might just want to give up.

But she won’t let you. She will hold your hand and drag you up those stairs. She will pad the floor for you as you lunge. She will get in behind you and support you in that deep squat. And she will remind you of what that inner strength that you already posess.